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Steam Therapy also known as Hair Steaming is a deep conditioning treatment using water/steam, which is changed into vapor/steam when heat is applied. The molecular size molecule penetrates the hair roots and fibers. It releases moisture into the scalp thus allows scalp to cleanse, purify, open clogged pores and release toxins.

The benefits to using Steam Therapy are:

Open blocked scalps pores & hair are free to grow: If the pores are clogged, hair follicles will not be able to grow. Steaming allows the scalp to cleanse, purify and release toxins. Steaming helps unclog pores and allows hair the maximum chance of re-growing fast.

Better & deeper penetration of ointments: Any scalp ointment (water soluble) application after steam treatment aids better results and is highly beneficial for those going for hair-regrowth treatment. The steam will help in opening up the pores and will encourage the formulation to go deeper into the skin.

Shiny scalp  becomes normal: Steaming scalp not only removes  the plaque and clear the pores, it also causes increased collagen production and blood flow in the scalp, hence, shiny skin becomes the norm. This is a very important first step for the vast majority of hair loss sufferers. And even if you don’t have a noticeably shiny scalp, you can see how steaming would still be highly beneficial.

Improve elasticity of the hair: This is the ability of the hair strand to be stretched without breaking. If the hair has no elasticity, it is easy to break and split. Steam helps to resolve this.

Controls sebum production: Human skin naturally secretes an oil called ’sebum’ via the sebaceous gland. Excessive sebum damage baby hair thus affect re-cycling of hair.

Healthy Cuticle: The hair cuticle is a thin outer layer of the hair. After the Steam Treatment, the hydrated hair strand will cause the hair to be silky smooth, shiny and have body and not lay limp.

Changes in our environment and the world around us means that we must change the way we care for our hair and our scalp. Constant exposure to our elements and harsh products, chemicals, stress and medications can cause damage to our hair. Steam therapy will improve the appearance and condition of your hair and scalp