The Salon Requires a 50% Down Non-Refundable Deposit  to schedule an appointment. The Prices Below are Half of the Full Service Price. Consultations are listed at full price. PLEASE CALL SALON AND SPEAK TO STYLIST BEFORE PAYING A DEPOSIT! (803) 569-6203 


$ 25.00 USD

Consultations are $25.00 and  must be paid in advance. 

Salon also offers Phone Consultations and Video Consultations.


Miracle Growth Water "ORGANIC TREATMENT"

$ 40 USD

Are you ready to Speed up your Hair Growth Pattern, Stop hair loss, or Get Thicker Stronger Longer hair? Miracle Growth Water is the answer to all your hair care needs. THIS SERVICE HAS TO BE ADDED TO A FULL SERVICE IT IS NOT OFFERED ALONE. EXTRA CHARGES WILL BE ADDED FOR REALLY THICK HAIR AND HAIR PAST THE SHOULDERS.

The Platinum Blowout Deposit

$ 75 USD

This service is done for your future appointments after you have received the Platinum Smoothout Service.

The Platinum Smoothout Deposit

$ 150.00 USD

The PLATINUM SMOOTHOUT TREATMENT. It is based on a new technology that Strengthens, Repairs, and Smooths the hair using naturally derived ingredients. By using a blend of enriched amino acids in conjunction with heat , the hair is temporarily elongated (Smooth) without the use of harsh chemicals, formaldehyde, or Alkaline ingredients. This product is ideal for natural textures seeking the versatility of straight looks as well as relaxed textures or transitioning textures seeking to Fight Reversion and Frizz. Application results lasts for up to 12-14 weeks, or 20 shampoos (if shampooing frequently). Your hair will be SOFT, SILKY, BOUNCY and SHINY and you can Color The Same Day. Your hair will be much easier for you to comb and manage on your own! Your drying time is cut in half and you can now Blow out your own hair. The product makes your hair healthy so you dont have to worry about hair breakage, shedding or damage. It is also great for clients that want to go "Natural" but are afraid to transiton because they dont want to go through the "Funky Growing Out Stage" or have to deal with two different hair textures. When you blowdry your hair your hair texture will be the same from root to ends even if you are transitioning. Its excellent for the clients that are natural and want to wear their hair straight without permanently altering their natural curl pattern. YOU can still wear natural styles like afro's, twistouts,etc... because the hair retains its natural curl pattern only much softer and frizz free until you blowdry and flatiron it straight . And the Best part about it is, it's 100% CHEMICAL FREE.

Basic Color

$ 50.00 USD


Steam Therapy Treatments

$ 35.00 USD

Steam Treatments are $35 and up and must be paid in Advance.